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   Magoffin Auditorium... UTEP's largest lecture hall, doubling as a concert hall for smaller events such as comedy and dance performances, musicals, plays, and small concerts. It features superior acoustics and one-level seating with clear sight lines. The auditorium has 1,156 permanent theater seats and 10 wheelchair spaces. It is the permanent home of the UTEP Ballet and the El Paso Wind Symphony.
 Past performances at the auditorium include Melissa Etheridge, George Winston, the Glen Miller Orchestra, Phantom of the Opera, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, Margaret Cho, Dallas Black Dance Theater, Tango X2, Noche Flamenca, Danny Glover and Felix Justice in "An Evening with Langston and Martin."




  • Proscenium: height 19' 8"; width 39' 2"
  • Stage depth: 36' 10" (proscenium line to back wall)
  • Curved apron depth: 10' 6" and 12' 10" max (additional 6' with orchestra pit covered)
  • Wing space: SL 21' 0"; SR 17' 0"
  • Hardwood stage floor, painted flat black
  • Distance from proscenium line to first available batten: 3' 1"
  • Distance from proscenium line to cyc: 30' 6"
  • Distance from cyc to back wall: 6' 4"
  • 3 pair of black masking legs
  • 3 black borders
  • 1 blue, flat cyc
  • 1 teaser and 1 blue house curtain
  • 1 black traveler at mid-stage
  • Orchestra pit (opening: 6' 0" wide; pit: 7' 8" deep)
  • Portable wooden cover for orchestra pit
  • Acoustical shell flown on 3 battens
  • Matching standing acoustical shell
  • Movie screen on batten
  • No balconies
  • 1 White scrim
  • 1 Black scrim
  • Fly rail elevated 22' 0" on SR wall
  • Weight loading floor: 18' 0" above fly floor
  • Grid: 46' 11" above stage
  • 40 line sets (4 are electrics)
  • Arbors take maximum 750 lbs. each
  • Type of rigging is 1:1
  • Typical batten/pipe length: 47' 0"
  • Maximum height batten/pipe can fly: 43' 0"
  • Hanging Plot
  • Production control and patch panel located SR
  • Power available at production control: 50 amps, 110v
  • Additional 200 amps, 208v 3 phase/4 wire service located on backstage right wall
  • House light board: ETC Express 72/144
  • Dimmer: Kliegl SCR
  • 188 load circuits: 20A each
  • 2 50A circuits on US back wall
  • Slider patch panel on DSR wall
  • 60 dimmers (1-40: 3 kw; 41-60: 7 kw)
  • 1st FOH: 17' from curtain and elevated 43'
  • 2nd FOH: 46' from curtain and elevated 29'
  • Followspot booth on second FOH
  • 2 followspots: Lycian Star K Lite 1271
  • 5 7' sections of 3-color strip lights
  • Stage connectors are 3-pin ground
  • No footlights
  • Available instruments
    • 24 Altman 6X16 750W
    • 24 Altman 6X12 750W
    • 36 Altman 6X09 750W
    • 20 Kliegl 6" Fresnels 750W
    • 6 Kliegl 8" Fresnels 750W
    • 30 Kliegl 6" Ellipses 750W
    • 12 Kliegl 8" Ellipses (6 @ 1000W, 6 @ 750W)
    • 30 PARS MFL 500W
  • Sound


    Dressing Rooms

  • JBL house speakers
  • QSC MX 2000W amplifiers
  • Yamaha 2404 house mixer
  • ClearCom intercom system (3-pin XLR jacks on stage, in spot booth, on fly floor, and in light and sound booths)
  • 2 Electro Voice monitor wedges on stage, powered by Peavy 600 mixer-amp
  • Loading door located between Fine Arts Complex and Magoffin Auditorium on bottom floor
  • Stage loading via elevator located USL
  • Large trucks will not fit on loading ramp. Please call about loading.
  • Large chorus dressing room with restrooms on each side of stage
  • Two smaller dressing rooms and restrooms downstairs, stage right
  • Dressing rooms with showers upstairs on each side of stage

  • Tickets: 
    University Ticket Center TicketMaster

    Box Office:
    25% plus 8.25% state sales tax (Artist sells)
    Stage Hands:
    Combined IATSE/student crew
    Please call the facility 915-747-5265
    (must have Texas licensed technician)
    $10 million policy with UTEP additionally insured
    Provided by SODEXHO Marriott 915-747-8880
    Building Use:

    From Interstate 10:
    Take the Schuster/Sun Bowl exit (18A) to Sun Bowl drive. If you are exiting from the east you will go straight through the light. If you are exiting from the west you will turn left at the light. Turn right onto University Ave. at the first 4-way stop intersection. Go straight through the 3-way stop intersection of University and Wiggins. Turn left onto Hawthorne St. at the next 4-way stop. Magoffin is at the top of the hill on the left.

    From Mesa Street:
    Turn onto University heading onto campus. This will be a left if you are coming from downtown and a right if you are coming from the west side of El Paso. Go straight through the light at University and Oregon Street. Pass the guard shack. The first 4-way stop intersection is University and Hawthorne. Turn right and Magoffin is at the top of the hill on the left.