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One Card. Multiple Uses!

Your Miner Gold Card is not just a UTEP ID. The card’s features:

  • Miner Meals. You can deposit funds to your card in $25 increments for the purchase of food at any of the University’s food outlets. You save an automatic 10% on any food item purchased with Miner Meals.
  •  Miner Bucks. This program allows you to use your card to make purchases at the UTEP Bookstore and all food outlets.
  • Security and Validation. Your card gives you access to buildings and facilities on campus for which you are authorized. This security feature helps protect our facilities and the members of our community.  


As local students of the University, you enjoy additional benefits with your card. Your Miner Gold Card allows you to check out books in the library and use your print credits at all UTEP print labs. The card also validates your status as a student at many locations on campus, including the student counseling and recreation centers, and allows you admission to any UTEP athletic event. 

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