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Central Plant

Assistant Director: Danny Cisneros
Shop Supervisor: Dale Mankin
Shop Lead Tradesman: Alejandro Jaramillo

The Central Plants are in effect manufacturing plants, as they produce high and low temperature water, for heating and cooling of all campus buildings. Industrial sized equipment produce the hot and chilled water, and then is sent via underground piping to each building; where additional equipment control the amount of product usage. Temperature and humidity is electronically controlled and monitored, so as to provide a comfortable environment for students and faculty.

Operation of the plants is on a 24/7 basis, with the majority of the maintenance conducted during normal business hours. The Satellite Plant (across the DHC) along with the 3.6 million gallon tank, meet the majority of the campus cooling requirements. The Central Plant (North of Biology) provides the majority of hot water, used for building heat, steam generations, and domestic hot water

To request service, please contact the Service Desk at (915) 747-7187. Requests can also be submitted via e-mail to

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