University of Texas at El Paso

Exit Process

Departments must submit the HR Separation/Retirement Form for any employees that are exiting the university. The form routes electronically to the Library, Miner Gold Card Office, Student Recreation Center, Parking & Transportation Services, the Key Shop, and the Payroll Office. The departments will approve the form if the employee is deemed to have cleared.

Clearing With Departments

In order for the department to authorize clearance, the employee must:

              Home Department—Return any issued property (cell phones, laptops, pagers).

Library—Return all books, and/or pay any outstanding balances.

Miner Gold Card Office—Turn in Miner Gold Card.

Key Shop—Return all keys. (Return receipt must be provided to the department and attach copy to the electronic form).

Parking & Transportation Services—Turn in parking permit.

Please refer to our HR Processes training materials for more information on the Separation or Retirement Process.

Meeting with Benefits

Benefits-eligible employees that are exiting the university are advised to meet with their Benefits representative as part of the exit process. A personal meeting is recommended, however, information can be mailed if preferred. Please call (915) 747-5202, for information.

Employee Exit Survey

If you are an employee who is exiting the university, please take our online Exit Survey.

Click here to submit your Exit Survey online: Staff Exit Survey or Faculty Exit Survey .

Miner Gold Card-You must return your Miner Gold Card to your department or the Miner Gold Card Office.

Parking Permits, Keys, and Credit Cards-Upon separation, you are required to relinquish your parking Permit to Parking Transportation and return all keys to the Key Shop.  Employees leaving the University must return the receipt from the Key Shop to the department.  Pro-cards, and/or credit cards need to be returned to your department.

Miscellaneous Equipment-If you were issued any cell phones, laptops, pagers, or any other equipment by your department, you are required to return all of these items to your department.

Teacher Retirement System-Employees may request a refund of Teacher Retirement contributions or transfer TRS funds into another retirement account.  A 20% income tax withholding and a 10% retirement penalty for early withdrawal of a retirement account will be imposed by the IRS.  If TRS transfers your money direct to another retirement account, no taxes or penalties will be imposed.  Deposits are refunded approximately 60-90 days following receipt of both the member's final deposit and completed application.  A Request for Refund form will be provided and needs to be returned to Benefits for certification before forwarding to TRS.  There is no deadline for returning the form to Benefits.  Refunds are not required and funds may be left with TRS.  Employees are vested after 5 years of state service and may receive a retirement annuity with TRS.  More information is available at the TRS web site.

Optional Retirement Program-A vesting letter will be provided employees participating in the ORP program for use with transactions related to the designated insurance carrier.

Tax Sheltered Annuity-Employees with tax sheltered annuities need to contact their designated carrier regarding continuance of their account.

Insurance-Employees have the option of continuing insurance coverage through the end of the month in which they terminate their employment.  This may require additional premium payment (s).  Federal law (COBRA) extends the right to continue health, dental and vision coverage at the individuals expense for up to 18 months.  There is a 60-day deadline for making a determination to continue coverage.  COBRA rights, rates and enrollment forms will be provided at the interview.

Vacation Pay-Payroll will be notified by HR of any remaining accrued vacation hours.  Payment will be made within 30 to 60 days following termination.  It is advisable to confirm ending balances with your department before leaving.   Employees transferring directly to another state agency will take their accrued vacation and sick leave balances with them to the new agency.

Sick Leave-Unused sick leave will be reinstated should employees return to state service within one year, provided there is a 30 day break in service.  Unused sick leave hours may be donated to the Sick Leave Pool for use by other employees who experience a catastrophic illness or injury.  It is advisable to confirm ending balances with your department before leaving.

Forwarding Address-It is advisable that you notify Human Resources or our Payroll Office of a forwarding address so our computer database can be updated.  The annual W-2 Annual Statement of Earnings will be mailed to the latest address in our system.