University of Texas at El Paso
Educational Assistance    



STAFF DEVELOPMENT:  Through a partnership between the Office of Human Resource Services and Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Department, the University offers various professional development and enrichment training courses throughout the year. 


EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES:  Upon approval of the departmental supervisor, a University full-time employee may register for one three semester hour course during working hours in the Fall or Spring semesters. 


FEE WAIVER PROGRAM:  Qualified staff or faculty members who are interested in attending college may have some university fees waived upon completion of six (6) months of full-time employment.  Application forms are available in the Office of Human Resource Services or on the Forms website.  


PRESIDENTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS:  Tuition scholarships are available to qualified Classified Staff members to attend up to six (6) credit hours per semester.  Application forms are available  through Human Resource Services during April and May.

For more information on Educational Assistance:

  • Visit the Handbook of Operating Procedures by clicking here
  • Contact a Human Resources Representative by email or phone at 915-747-5202