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Key Control and Key Issuance    

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Describe Key Control Procedures, Key Issuance requirements and responsibilities for University issued keys.


  1. Routine access to locked University facilities or areas within University facilities required for the performance of an employee’s assigned duties will be provided through the issuance of an appropriate key required for entry into the authorized area or areas. 

  2. Keys to buildings, offices, and other facilities may only be issued to a University employee upon proper authorization by a Department. 

    1. Keys must be signed for personally by the individual to whom they are issued. 

    2. Keys may not be issued or provided to a student unless the student has a University appointment as an Assistant Instructor, Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant, or the University Department or Office requesting issuance of a key to a student requests an exception. When a key is issued to a student employee, the Department or Office authorizing issuance of the key will sign for the key and take responsibility for ensuring the key is returned or the lost key fee is paid at the end of the period of appointment. 

  3. No more than one key for a particular lock will be issued to an individual. Special exception may be granted upon written justification and approval by the Vice Provost, Vice President or Dean to whom the individual’s department reports. A duplication fee will be charged for each additional key provided in this scenario. 

  4. Any person, who knowingly makes, duplicates, possesses or uses access controlled keys for entry of University premises without the appropriate authorization will be subject to administrative disciplinary action by the University and may be criminally prosecuted under the laws of the State of Texas.


  1. The Department will be responsible for initiating requests for key(s) to be issued to their faculty, staff and student employees. 

    1. The Department must first confirm a proposed key recipient is a University employee and then submit a properly completed key request form for issuance of key(s) to the Facilities Services Key Shop. 

    2. The Vice Provost, Vice President or Dean will authorize a request for issuance of a building master key(s) and area sub-master key(s) and will also authorize a request for issuance of a key to a student who does not have a University appointment as an Assistant Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Research Assistant. 

    3. A designated Department administrator will authorize a request for individual room key(s) for employees. 

    4. The Department must ensure the key recipient signs for the key(s) upon receipt of the key(s).

  2. The Department should have an internal Key Control process and/or procedures that address the following issues:

    1. accuracy and completeness of records of all keys issued upon request by the Department;

    2. physical security of spaces within the assigned departmental or unit areas;

    3. accountability of keys to ensure keys are safeguarded during the period they are in use and are returned upon an employee’s relocation, transfer or termination of employment or when the employee no longer needs the issued key(s);

    4. verification that lost or stolen keys have been reported to the University Police and the Key Shop within 24 hours of discovery of theft or loss;

    5. payment of applicable re-keying costs when faculty, staff or student employees lose keys or do not return issued keys upon termination and re-keying is determined to be necessary; and,

    6. preventing the installation of door locks that do not conform to the University’s standardized lock systems.

  3. Persons to whom University key(s) are issued must sign the key request form when they pick up their key(s) acknowledging receipt of the key(s) and agreeing to assume full responsibility for the security and proper use of keys issued to them. Upon receiving a key(s) the key recipient also agrees that they:

    1. will not lend or otherwise permit key(s) to be used by any other person;

    2. will not duplicate or alter the key(s) and will not allow others to do so;

    3. will report the loss or theft of key(s) within 24 hours as per the Lost Key Procedures;

    4. will return issued key(s) that are no longer needed to the Department who authorized issuance of the key(s) or to the Facilities Services Key Shop;

    5. will return issued key(s) to Human Resource Services (HRS) when clearing the University upon retirement or termination of employment and obtain a clearance form from HRS indicating all keys have been returned;

    6. will hand deliver key(s) being returned and will not send keys through the U.S. or campus mail;

    7. will use keys issued to gain access only to the assigned work area to conduct University business; and,

    8. will ensure the door(s) to an assigned work area is/are properly locked or otherwise secured when leaving the area or at the conclusion of work.


Applies to all university departments except as follows:

  • Department of Residence Life will issue keys to Miner Village residents.
  • University Library will issue keys to assignable areas within the University Library.

Responsible Party

Director, Facilities Services

Last updated: October, 2008


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