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How do I configure Outlook to read email?

From a remote location, you can choose either the Microsoft Exchange Server or POP3. Either selection will work. The following screens show the options for a POP3 server.

To set up MS Outlook XP from a remote location, just follow these steps. If you have never used Outlook before, you will be asked if Outlook will be used for e-mail. Select yes and then you will be shown the screen below.

Outlook Server type

Selecting POP3 as the method of receiving e-mails will then show the following screen. Enter in all the information necessary.

If you are faculty or staff, the incoming server (POP3) name:


For students, the incoming mail server (POP3) for all Live Mail e-mail accounts is:

  • Faculty and staff, If you are on campus or connect using the UTEP Dial Up Service, please use 'SMTP.UTEP.EDU' Otherwise, use your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server address. If you use the UTEP SMTP server and are using DSL, Road Runner, AOL, or another ISP to connect, you will not be able to send e-mails to non-UTEP e-mail addresses though the POP3 e-mail connection.


***NOTE:  If you have an account, you will need to type in the entire e-mail account (e.g. in the User Name field.

Click on the MORE SETTINGS tab on the lower right of the previous screen to show the window below. Here you can name this mail account (vs. leaving the server name), enter in an organization name, and enter in your reply e-mail address.

Click on the ADVANCED tab and check "this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)" option. You can also set it so Outlook will keep a copy of the e-mail on the server.

*As a note, not leaving e-mail messages on the UTEP e-mail servers will automatically download all e-mail messages to your computer. This also means that those messages will no longer be accessible by any other means, such as web mail. If you do choose to leave the messages on the server, you will be able to see your e-mails via web mail and by Outlook while on-campus. This also means you would be subject to the size limits of the UTEP e-mail servers by leaving your e-mails on the servers.



Returning to the main screen, click NEXT and the FINISH to complete the setup.