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Mileage Reimbursement    

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To reimburse faculty, staff and students for the business use of a personal vehicle.


The University follows state guidelines for mileage reimbursement for business use of a personal vehicle.  The mileage rate is set by the State Comptroller or restricted by the University.  The miles used to calculate the reimbursement is the number of miles of the shortest or most cost effective route between two points.


  1. Please follow the steps below to calculate your mileage reimbursement
    1. Please visit the State Texas Mileage Guide website to see the current state mileage reimbursement rate.
    2. One way mileage distance can be calculated using the "Mileage Distances" screen in *DEFINE (ie., GG2 command)
    3. Multiply the mileage rate in step a by the total distance in step b to arrive at the mileage reimbursement amount.  The "Travel Quick Reference Guide" has a current mileage reimbursement log.

      Please note, the traveler may be reimbursed for either the mileage using the current state mileage rate or gasoline using actual gas receipts, but not both.
  2. State guidelines require a "Constructive Airfare" quote for employee use of a personally owned motor vehicle when air transportation is available.
    1. Constructive Airfare quotes are used to determine the lesser cost of reimbursing mileage or airfare.
    2. There are two ways to obtain a Constructive Airfare quote:
      1. Contact Sun Travel and request an airfare quote for the trip
      2. Accessing one of our preferred online booking tools and making a print screen
    3. The University will reimburse the lesser of the constructive airfare or mileage
  3. Examples of exceptions for requiring a Constructive Airfare quote:
    1. Area traveling to is isolated and does not have an airport
    2. Facilitation of research projects or performing research along the way
    3. Health restrictions approved by a physician or the American Disabilities Act


Applies to all University faculty, staff and students requesting mileage reimbursement when traveling on official state business.

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Last updated: October, 2008

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