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  1. Q: What is the approval process for the Student Notice of Awards?
    A: Please refer to Flow Chart Page, which covers all aspects for undergraduate, master-level, and doctoral-level awards.

  2. Q: How can I access the SNoA Web Application in the my UTEP Portal?
    A: Please refer to the instrucitons at Accessing the SNoA Web App.

  3. Q: Now that I have singed into the SNoA Web Application, how do I create an award?
    A: Please refer to the instructions at Create a SNoA Award.

  4. Q: I did not attend the SNoA Training, where can I get a copy of the training material?
    A: The training material can be found at SNoA Training.

  5. Q: How can my PI approve an award since he/she cannot get into the SNoA Web Application?
    A: First, your PI will need to log into the UTEP Portal at or the SNoA DNN Portal at Second, he/she will need to return to their email and click on the provided link.

  6. Q: Where can I find the Award Semester on the drop-down list?
    A: Make sure you have selected the correct Aid Year.
    Example of selecting an Award Semester based on the Aid/Fiscal Year

  7. Q: Where can I check or how can I review the status of an award?
    A: Your CAO has access to this information.

  8. Q: Where can I receive a list/report of awards?
    A: Your CAO has access to this information.

  9. Q: What is the process to delete/recall an award?
    A: Your CAO will need to contact I.T. to complete this request.

  10. Q: We are trying to award a non-UTEP student, how can I accomplish this payment?
    A: Any non-UTEP student can ONLY be paid via a VP2 method. The SNoA method of payment cannot be used to pay non-UTEP students. Please contact your CAO to resolve this issue.

  11. Q: Who is my College Administrative Officer, CAO?
    A: Contact your department's Chair for this information.

  12. Q: What is the approximate time-frame for students to receive their payment?
    A: Roughly two weeks HOWEVER, since this process is completely electronic, the estiamted payment date is directly dependent on the day your PI approves an award. Please keep in mind that after your PI approves an award, ORSP (26* accounts; all levels), the Graduate School (14*, 19*, 30* accounts; Master-level and Doctoral-level awards) or Financial Aid (all other awards) reviews the award. Once the respective party approves the award, it goes to the final “approvers” of the process, which is The Office of Financial Aid. After The Office of Financial Aid approves the award, the award information gets posted into Banner. A check is mailed out to the student within or by five business days. The ONLY exception is a Tuition Support Award, this type of award is automatically applied to the student’s tuition balance.

  13. Q: Who can I contact if the application is not working? Or who can I contact regarding experiencing technical problems?
    A: For technical assistance regarding the SNoA Application, contact Paul Adame (E.C.) at for assistance.

  14. Q: What can be done in case my PI is not receiving an email notification to approve an award?
    A: First, verify the email address for your PI. For more information, please refer to the instructions at Microsoft Outlook Spam Filter for more information. If this problem persists, contact your Technology Implementation Manger (T.I.M.)