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Your Parking Permit Account

            Purchase a parking permit
            Activate a new permit
            Display a permit on a new vehicle
            Report a lost or stolen permit

2014-2015 Rates for:

Student Permits

Faculty/Staff Permits

Part-Time Instructor Permits

            Temporary Permits

Additional Information:
  • Map of Lot Locations
  • Chart of Parking Lot Requirements.
  • Chart of 2013-2014 pro-rated pricing guide. Parking permit fees are prorated quarterly during the fiscal year.

All permits are subject to availability.

These areas are open to all valid UTEP permits after the specified times:

            3:00 p.m. - Silver Zones and Perimeter Lots

            4:00 p.m. - the Sun Bowl and Schuster Parking Garages

            5:30 p.m. - Inner Campus (orange/red lots)

Hangtag permits must hang from the rear view mirror.  Windshield permits must be affixed to the lower bottom center section of the front windshield.  Permit information must face outward to be clearly visible.  Permits remain university property and can be reclaimed if an individual's privilege to park on campus has been revoked.  Vehicles shall be parked only in authorized designated parking zones.  Please note, not every space is assigned.

Permits are not transferable and must be returned to UTEP:

  • If you are no longer employed by UTEP or enrolled as a student at UTEP
  • When a replacement permit has been issued to take the place of a previously issued permit
  • When the permit is revoked

A fee will be charged for a replacement permit when the permit or remnants of the permit are returned to the Parking and Transportation Office or if a lost or stolen report is filed.  If remnants (or the permit) are not returned, replacement permit(s) may be issued upon payment of the current replacement value for that particular permit.  All permits are eligible for a refund until the last day of the spring semester (May 31st).