What is UTEP doing about Viruses?

The University of Texas at El Pasouses Avast as their anti-virus solution for Windows environments.

Compared to other products tested, Avast offers these additional features:

  • File System Shield:  Monitors changes to files and programs stored in your computer.
  • Mail Shield:  Scans email, including email attachments, for viruses.
  • Web Shield:  Scans web pages for malicious content as you browse the internet.
  • P2P Shield:  Checks downloads from most P2P applications for viruses.
  • IM Shield:  Scans downloaded files from instant messaging applications for viruses.
  • Network Shield:  Monitors all network traffic for suspicious activity.
  • Script Shield:  Monitors and checks scripts executed on your computer for viral behavior.
  • Behavior Shield:  Checks your computer for unusual activity.

For more information about Avast, visit the following link:  Avast