What Are My Responsibilities as a Systems Administrator?

This website is dedicated to assisting you, as an IT owner/custodian/lead researcher/systems administrator, in complying with the various policies being mandated by State, Federal, and The University of Texas System.  The information provided by the Information Security Office has been condensed into "easy to read" documentation to assist in complying with the various mandates. Additionally, several checklists have been developed to help make these processes more efficient.  The Information Security Office is ready to assist you in this endeavor.

As a Systems Administrator, you will be required to comply/perform the following functions:

  • Install patches
  • Review system logs
  • Report malicious or suspicious activity on systems to ISO immediately 
  • Report sensitive information stored on systems to ISO
  • Maintain user access administration
  • Disaster recovery planning 
  • Physical security
  • Disable unnecessary services on servers
  • Generate/Retain system backups
  • Identify secondary system administrator(s)
  • Comply with password requirements
  • Access control
  • Environmental protection (i.e., protection from possible exposure to water damage, excessive heat, etc.)
  • Security training will be required every three (3) years
  • System audit logging
  • Maintain minimum security standards for systems
  • Monitoring of system activity
  • Designate a secondary administrator 

NOTE  - Please note that the list above is neither complete nor comprehensive. For all policies that must be adhered to please refer to the resources listed on this page.

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