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Special Notice on Campus Safety

In compliance with the federal Student Right-to-Know and Campus Security Act, The University of Texas at El Paso publishes an annual report with specified information on campus crime statistics and campus security policies. It includes descriptions of campus crime prevention programs, procedures for reporting crimes on campus, and information about the number and frequency of crimes reported to the University Police Department, local law enforcement, Office of Student Life, Residence life, organization advisers, team coaches, and athletic directors over the last three years. Also, it provides summaries of policies as they relate to sexual offenses, liquor law violations, and controlled substance offenses.

The UTEP Campus Safety and Security Report is available on the Web. We encourage you to access it at the following address:

This report contains information about UTEP's security policies and procedures, campus crime statistics, sexual assault programs, drug and alcohol policies, help centers, hazing law, and includes links to other vital information.