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This in-house website portal, connects students, faculty and staff to all their online services in one convenient location. Your UTEP username and password connects to your online email, BlackBoard, Goldmine, mSpace, My Status and other services. Once logged in, the My Home tab is available and includes information such as: identification number, address, classification, preferred e-mail address (for students), semester schedule, G.P.A., administrative holds, Pete's Payments and your print balances, announcements, classifieds, Miner Alert, and more. Online Services allow users make payments, and allows employees to enter leave requests, or purchase parking permits. Other links on the portal give users access to enrollment information, class schedule, academic calendar, faculty, staff, department and student directories, and special/emergency outage announcements.

How to Access MyUTEP

Simply visit to access calendars, directories, and other helpful link. Login with your UTEP username and password to access links to your personal information.

If you do not yet have an active UTEP account, visit and click the “Get your UTEP account here” link.



Students may visit the Student Technology Support Center to get hands-on training or may call us at 747-5257 for telephone assistance. The center is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 8 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm-4 pm. 


What is my username?

A student’s username is the beginning part of their e-mail address, such as Usually in the form of first initial, middle initial and last name together with no spaces.

Where can I find my I.D. number and online services?

Log in to the portal and click on ‘My Home’ on the orange bar and locate the ‘My Student Information’ module to view your student information.  We are not allowed to release your I.D. number for security.

Why does Webmail display error “Server unavailable”?

Students only have access to Live Mail.  Webmail is strictly for faculty and staff.

How can I reset my password?

Please click on ‘Change Password’ below the Sign On button at and verify the password meets requirements. If unable to perform this, please call us at 747-5257.

I’m still not able to log in and my username and password are correct.  What do I do?

Please refresh your Internet browser page.  Also, reset your cache (temporary Internet files) and cookies.  Close/quit your Internet browser and re-launch it to try again.  If further issues with access persist, please contact us at 747-5257.

If your question was not answered, please submit your question to


There is no cost for students who are fully admitted or registered.  Admission must be complete and active in order to access these resources.


Students who are admitted, registered or within one year of their last attendance may utilize these online services.  If your account is disabled due to security reasons, please call us at 747-5257 to reactivate your account for registration or transcript purposes.  The reactivation will be for only 45 business days and you may not change the password. For further information, please visit:

UTEP e-Mail Policy, Information Security Policy and Privacy Statement.

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