Giving to the Museum and Gardens

Your gifts enable the Museum and the Gardens to preserve, conserve, and improve the building, the grounds, and the collections.

 The Conquistadors" mural by Salvador López
In the past
years, donations have enabled the Museum to hire a professional conservator for "The Conquistadors" mural by Salvador López. After its restoration the mural was covered by a set of glass doors designed especially for the piece.

 The Conquistadors mural by Salvador Lopez The lintel above the Museum’s front door was designed by El Paso artist Tom Lea; cleaned and repaired, this eight-ton work of art dominates the Museum’s Jubilee Square.

Numerous plants and furnishings in the Gardens have been donated in remembrance of loved ones. Gardens staff will be happy to talk to you about possibilities.

Donating to the Collections

If you have an object that you would like to donate to the Museum, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement, UTEP, Kelly Hall – 6th Floor, 915-747-6676 for a consultation.

Monetary Donations

Donations by check assigned to the Museum or the Gardens can be mailed to the Office of Institutional Advancement, UTEP, Kelly Hall – 7th floor, 500 W. University Avenue, El Paso, TX 79968. To make your gift using a credit card, you can go online, or call 915.747.8533  Cash donations are accepted at the Museum reception area.

Bequests and Trusts

Bequest and trust gifts can be made in consultation with the Office of Institutional Advancement and your financial advisor. For more information please contact Lucy Garcia, Office of Institutional Advancement, 915-747-8529, or by email. 

Donation Questions?

Please contact Manny Pacillas, Office of Institutional Advancement, 915.747.7628, or by e-mail.






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