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Community Enrichment Programs for Youth offers a variety of courses year round to enhance the quality of Youths in today’s society.  Our young participants can develop their skills, learn and have fun, while attending the UTEP Campus.  By attending these courses, participants make a remarkable difference in their self-confidence and academic progress.  Summer courses run from Monday through Friday, to include a half and full day P3 ‘Kidz on Campus’ Summer Program and a Summer Athletic Camp of various sports.

NEW Youth Classes

P3 Off-Campus Courses

Because we value thefeedback provided by the El Paso community, P3 is working hard to bringits rich educational resources to numerous locations off campus.  Weare committed to providing opportunities for you and your family toparticipate in our programs and will continue to establish solidrelationships with reputable organizations that share our commitment toservice.  

ALL Youth Classes

Athletic Summer Camps
If youwant to be the best in your sport, then why not attend a camp by thebest.  P3, in partnership with the UTEP Athletic Department, offers awide range of sport camps (cheerleading, soccer, softball, football,women’s and men’s basketball, and women’s volleyball) that arefacilitated by UTEP coaches and players. You don’t want to miss it…Signup early!

P3 believes strongly inusing water education to develop water safety and swimming skills.  Ourgoal is also to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and personalexcellence in all our courses by offering innovative teaching techniquesthat will meet your child’s needs - from beginner to advanced. 

Artistic Expressions
P3 offers children the opportunity to experience the joy and magic of art.  Participants learn a variety of art techniques while also learning to express themselves and build their self esteem.

Fitness Fun
Who said fitness is for grown-ups?  It is great to be fit at every age.  Check out the courses we offer that will give your child the fitness tools and resources to last a lifetime.

Life Skills & Hobbies

Through these courses, our youth are given the essential knowledge and skills they need to take responsibility of their lives and to reach their full potential.  We offer a full range of courses that address personal, academic, and special interests – ALL with the goal of developing critical life skills necessary to success.

Mastering Math
Is math not your best subject?  Do you want to learn cool strategies to help you understand math better?  Or do you really love math and just can’t get enough of it?  Register for one of our innovative and interactive courses and you will ‘ACE’ your way to math success.

Music, Dance & Theater
Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, you will find a course to meet your needs in music, dance, or theater!  From comedy to drama, dancing to guitar lessons – we are confident you will enjoy your experience.

Reading Power

Reading is one of the most important foundations for learning, enjoyment, and enrichment. Our courses focus on building the TAKS reading comprehension skills, speed reading, and motivating reluctant learners through innovative ways. Come and enjoy the power and rewards of reading!

Super Science
Like to build things?  Mix things? See how the earth works?  Sign up for these courses and you will be amazed at how much you will learn by hands-on, real-life experiences.  Our courses are designed to engage all children, whatever their interests or abilities. We know you will not be disappointed. 

Techno Time
Like Computers?  Want to Invent?  Check out these courses that will teach you how to make rockets, computer games, and so much more.  Every course is designed to keep children excited and engaged!

Test Preparation
 Do you want to be preparing for your test? Come and experience the learning and reviewing process for a Successful test preparation. You must learn your materials and review it before the test. These courses offer how to take and review good notes, and schedule some time at the end of the week for a longer review. Also, learn how to organize your notes, texts and assignments according to what will be on the test. Estimate the hours, draw up a schedule, test yourself and finish your studying the day before the exam.

Write ON!
Do you Love to write?  Do you need more writing experience? Come and feel the power of the pen! These interactive writing courses will allow you to try your hand at various topics from story writing, journalism, essay, to improving composition skills. Our goal is to turn young people into young writers who can find their own creative and articulate voice in any writing endeavor.



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