University of Texas at El Paso
Salary Ranges (cont'd)    

Below is an illustration of the salary range profile used by the University:
                                                                                     Salary Range Profile
                                                                                         Range Maximum

4th Quartile

3rd Quartile

Range Mid Point

2nd Quartile

1st Quartile

Range Minimum

Range Minimum:  The lowest salary that will be paid to individuals qualified to hold positions in the range.  Individuals with minimal experience who require extensive training, or who have transferred into the position from another field should be hired close to or at the minimum.     


First Quartile (0 - 25th Percentile of Range):  Salaries paid in this area typically apply to entry-level employees who are comparatively inexperienced and who are in the process of developing their skills, abilities, and knowledge in their field of endeavor.  It is expected that most employees will move through this part of the range rather quickly as they progress in their jobs.  If an employee's pay does not advance beyond this low end of the range, there may be a performance problem.


Second Quartile (25th - 50th Percentile of Range):  Salaries paid in this quartile are appropriate for employees who are progressing satisfactorily toward achieving a standard level of performance in their job duties and responsibilities or have a proven record of accomplishment in their field.  Some employees may achieve an acceptable level of performance but never progress beyond this part of the range because their performance never progresses to an above average standard.  The pay of other employees will continue to progress and may move into the 3rd quartile, or to another range should their exceptional performance be recognized by a promotion.


Range Mid-Point:  Typically, the salary that will be paid to individuals fully qualified to hold positions within this range.  Individuals with a few years experience who require minimal or no training may be paid close to or at the mid-point.  It is expected that very few candidates will be paid up to the mid-point at the time of hire.      


Third Quartile (50th - 75th Percentile of Range):  Salaries paid in this quartile are associated with employees who have consistently achieved above average performance in their job duties and responsibilities or over a period of several years have shown at least satisfactory performance in the position. 


Fourth Quartile (75th  - 100th Percentile of Range)

Salaries paid in this quartile are typically associated with employee's who have consistently demonstrated outstanding performance in a position, and/or have demonstrated consistently good performance over a long period. 

Range Maximum: 
This is typically the highest salary that should be paid to individuals in a range.  A salary above range maximum will be “red-circled” until adjustments to the salary structure bring it to within range.  Any salary increase for individuals over the maximum is considered on a case-by-case basis.  If warranted, performance may be recognized in the form of a one-time lump sum award.