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UTEP's student email is Microsoft Office 365.  Your account is two separate accounts: your UTEP @miners email account (Office 365) and your personal Microsoft account for accessing your OneDrive web file storage (

Your UTEP email is the official means of communication with all UTEP entities including Admissions and Registration, financial communications such as Scholarships and Financial Aid, Goldmine, Blackboard, and your faculty. All UTEP students are provided with an Office 365 email account. Students inbox storage is 25 GB and attachments can be up to 25 MB. Calendars and contacts remain part of your email account.

Benefits / Features

Access these additional services by logging on to your Microsoft account:
  • Messaging, file sharing, and other Microsoft services
  • Browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote
  • Install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote on your personal computer for FREE
  • Download Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote to your Windows, Apple, and Android mobile devices.
  • 25 GB inbox storage and 25 GB email attachments allowed
  • Calendars and contacts included with email account
  • 1 TB of file storage in OneDrive (as long as you are an active student)

Activate your UTEP email account

To activate your @miners email account login to MyUTEP with your UTEP username and password and click on the Student Email. When your email opens, click on Office 365 in the upper left hand corner and follow the instructions. Once your account is activated you can access your email from MyUTEP.

If you are unable to activate your account or need assistance resetting your password because your Security Questions were not set up, please visit to contact the Help Desk by chat, email, or in person. Please note that password resets affect both your MyUTEP login and all services that link from there (including email, Goldmine, etc).

Setting up your Security Questions allows you to reset a forgotten password at any time from any computer with an internet connection. To set up your questions, login to MyUTEP and go to the My.Home tab. Under My Online Services, click on the Security Questions button and enter your questions. Your personal Microsoft account is no longer managed by UTEP. Adding the requested security information will make it easier for you to reset your Microsoft password. Just visit


Click here to watch all video tutorials for configuring student email on your computer or mobile device

View YouTube videos or download PDF instructions for configuring your student email to mobile devices

Set up Apple Mobile Devices using POP (PDF) (Video)
Set up Apple Mobile Devices using Exchange (PDF) (Video)
Set up Android using POP (PDF) (Video)
Set up Android using Exchange (PDF) (Video)
Set up MacMail using POP (PDF) (Video)
Set up Outlook for Mac using POP(PDF) (Video)
Set up Outlook for Mac using Exchange (Video)
Set up Outlook for Windows using POP (PDF) (Video)
Set up Outlook for Windows using Exchange (PDF) (Video)

For any other student email questions, issues, or for additional assistance, visit and submit a service request online.


There is no charge for this service.


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