Conflicts of Interest, Commitment & Outside Activities    

HOP Section V, Chapter 29 is intended to protect the credibility and reputation of the U.T. System, the University of Texas at El Paso (University) and of members of the faculty and staff by providing a transparent system of disclosure, approval, and documentation of employee activities outside the U. T. System and the University that might otherwise raise concerns about conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment. The policy also serves the purpose of ensuring compliance with State ethics laws and Regents’ Rules. Finally, the policy is intended to provide the framework for rules and procedures that will clearly delineate permissible outside activities.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Research Conflicts of Interests subject to UT System UTS175 and HOP Section IV, Chapter 2 are managed by the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects.  For more information, please visit the ORSP Conflicts of Interest web site by clicking here: