Policy Q&A    

Below you will find some questions and answers that may help expand your understanding of Conflicts of Interest, Conflicts of Commitment and Outside Activities and how it applies to you.  These are general questions and scenarios.  If you have any questions you should contact The Office of Institutional Compliance at extension 6478.
Where is the policy located? Maximize    

To whom does the policy apply? Maximize    

Am I allowed to have outside employment? Maximize    

When do I need to get prior approval? Maximize    

Do I always need prior approval? Maximize    

How do I get prior approval? Maximize    

Do I have any options if my request is rejected? Maximize    

How are disclosures different from prior approvals? Maximize    

Who needs to make disclosures? Maximize    

What is a conflict of commitment? Maximize    

What is a conflict of interest? Maximize    

What activities do I need to disclose? Maximize    

What kind of information do I need to provide? Maximize    

What does "immediate family" mean? Maximize    

Will this data be publicly available online? Maximize    

What about Faculty with nine-month appointments? Maximize    

Does "substantial interest" include mutual funds? Maximize    

Can travel or registration fees be considered a gift? Maximize    

What does "primarily personal" mean? Maximize    

What is a conflict management plan? Maximize    

What does it mean when an approval has been rescinded? Maximize