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Keys and Electronic Access

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Access Control Shop

The Access Control Shop issues keys and resets and re-pins locks for buildings and occupants across campus. The shop also designs complete key systems for buildings and oversees key signature authority for The University’s colleges, schools and departments. The Key Services Team is here to help provide a secure environment for The University’s students, faculty, staff and their property.

How to Request Keys

Obtain a Key Request Form signed by the person in your organization with key signature authority and submit it to Facilities Services. You can fax it to 915-747-8136 or e-mail it to

After submitting your request, you will receive an e-mail confirming the pick-up date. You have 5 business days to pick up your key. Individuals who will have keys assigned must appear in person at the The Access Control Shop office between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, to pick up their keys. For security reasons, we are unable to deliver keys.

When picking up keys, bring along:

  • Your University ID or another valid photo ID
  • Your UT EID
  • A Key Request Form signed by a representative with key signature authority

Returning Keys

All keys assigned by the Access Control Shop are the property of The University of Texas at El Paso. You may return keys in person, place them in the key return box, or mail them. When returning keys, go to the The Access Control Shop office service counter where you picked up your keys and a staff member will assist you. Please note: a designated representative may return your keys, but this is not recommended in order to ensure your records are cleared properly.

Replacement Keys

The individual with the key assigned must appear in person at the Access Control Shop. If the key is imperfect or broken, bring all pieces and your UT photo ID and we will replace it. If you do not have all the pieces, you will need to request a new key.

There is a nominal fee of $5.00 for lost keys, or keys broken with missing pieces. The process for a replacement in these cases is the same as requesting a new key. If your lock changes, bring your old key and a valid new Key Request Form and we will issue a new key.

Contractor Keys

Contractor keys are authorized for contractor use by The University's Project Management teams. Contractors who need to obtain building keys must contact the project's respective project manager or construction coordinator and request that he or she complete and submit a Contractor Key Form. Contractor keys remain the property of The University and are distributed for temporal use only; they must be returned when the project work is completed or the contractor will be charged a key replacement fee.

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