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Who do I contact in order to reclassify a transaction?


  1. For Revenue deposits – contact General Accounting
  2. For Travel, Expense Reports, and Pro Cards – contact Accounts Payable
  3. For Purchase Orders – Purchasing
  4. For IDTs – contact the person who initiated the journal entry

Who do I contact for training on the Budget Overview and/or on the Reconciliation Report?


The PeopleSoft Team offers PeopleSoft Training. Visit to review their Training Calendar

When I look at my transactions, some have prefixes before the document number. What do they mean?


  1. MM – Miner Mall vouchers
  2. CNV – Conversion
  3. HPY – Payroll entries
  4. UTZ – Banner entries
  5. SC – IDTs

How can I tell if a transfer has been processed?


You can see view all your budget transactions on the Budget Overview. You click on the Budgetary Account and it will take you to the Activity Log, which lists all your budget transactions.

What does it mean to associate revenue?


In PeopleSoft, to associate the revenue means that you are linking the revenue that has been received to the M&O account. This allows you to spend the revenue.

What form do I use to modify an employee’s hours/rate?


Appointment Actions Request Form

What form do I use to modify the funding?


Funding Change Form

Why has my IAP not been processed?


Please allow up to two business days from the date our office receives the IAP. If the IAP has been with Budget more than two business days, please contact the Budget Office at ext 5109.

How do I find out where an employee is being funded from/ was being funded from for a certain period?


Use the following bread crumbs in PeopleSoft: Main Menu> Set Up HRMS> Product Related> Commitment Accounting> Budget Information> Department Budget Table USA.

You must enter the Set ID as UTEP1 & search by Position ID or Department. Please see below for screenshot:

Department Budget Table USA

Why is there no end date on the an employee’s funding?


Funding end dates are only applied to positions being funded by a Project/Grant

Why can’t I view an employee’s funding?


Please contact HRTC ext.5202 to verify the employee’s position is coded to the right department.

Why hasn’t the funding change processed yet?


Funding changes will only appear once the month has closed and posted

What is the best way to contact the Budget Office?


It is best to contact the Budget Office through the main phone (915) 747-5109 or through the main office email ( to ensure that your request is received and addressed in a timely manner.

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