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Position Management – Interim Approval Process (IAPs) forms

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The Budget Office is tasked with ensuring that all budgeted positions remain within budget. Therefore, this office is in charge of monitoring and updating the Departmental Budget Table (DBT), which is the funding source for positions.

The Budget Office, in conjunction with Human Resources, helps university staff process the forms listed below.

  • Appointment Actions Request Form – requests for new positions. The Budget Office verifies that the requested position has received all the proper approvals and that there is sufficient funding available.
  • Additional Pay Request Form – requests for additional compensation due to teaching overload or duties outside of normal scope. The Budget Office ensures that approvals have been received and maps the payment to the correct cost center.
  • Position Funding Changes – request to change the funding source of a position. The Budget Office verifies that there is sufficient funding for the exchange requested and map the correction via DBT.
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