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Secure Wi-Fi

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Wireless access took another big step forward in 2015 with the addition of UTEP Secure Wi-Fi, a secure wireless connection for students, faculty, and staff. UTEP Secure allows users with a current campus email account to login once and stayed logged in. It will even reconnect you when you return from off campus or shut down your mobile devices while in class or at meetings. Forget the old UTEP WL1 Wi-Fi network and try using UTEP Secure today.
Features and Benefits
• Available in most locations across campus
• Log in once and stay connected. No need to login multiple times
• Roam from building to building and stay connected
• Devices will not be disconnected when using applications such as

• Log in with multiple devices
• Protected connection with industry encryption standards (EAP)

Getting Started
Your Mac or Windows computers and your mobile devices will automatically detect UTEP Secure. Click to connect, and log in with your UTEP username and password.  *Note:  It is best to "FORGET" utepwl1 from your device to avoid it trying to re-connect to that WiFi. Also, some devices allow you to order which WiFi to connect to first, second, etc.  It is recommended you move UTEPSecure to the top option.

Windows 7  |  Windows 8  |   Windows 10  |  iPhone  |  Android |  Mac OS

If you need assistance connecting to UTEP Secure, please contact the HelpDesk.

For more information about wireless access at UTEP visit


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