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Computer Replacement Program


The Computer Replacement Program 
has not been funded for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

This Program updates the primary office computers of eligible faculty and staff with new computers - at no cost to their departments. The goals of the program are to maximize system performance, realize efficiencies in operations, and reduce the high cost of maintaining older, out of warranty computers.

For 2015-16, the standard computer was a Dell Desktop or All-in-One computer with standard UTEP software pre-installed for you. Modifications to the standards are not available. Upgrades to the standard computers such as additional memory are possible and can be done once the computer arrives.

Requestor must be a UTEP employee with at least a 50% appointment in PeopleSoft. 

  Replacement must be for user's primary work computer.
Eligible person must not have requested a replacement in the last four years.

  Computer must be 4 years old or older on the date of the request and have a valid UTEP inventory tag. CHECK AGE
Requestor has sent previously replaced computer to Surplus (if applicable).
  Cannot have been previously submitted for replacement.
    Cannot have been purchased with grant accounts beginning with 226 or cost centers beginning with 29, 30, or 41.
    Cannot be listed as missing or stolen.

For questions about the Computer Replacement Program or to get the status of your request, please email or visit Who is My TIM to see who the Technology Implementation Manager is for your college or department.

**Install MyBackup on your current computer NOW and migrate your files to your new computer transparently.

**Replaced Computers MUST be sent to the Surplus Department within 60 days of receipt of new computer: PC Replacement Surplus Form


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