University of Texas at El Paso
Financial Services
Contracts & Grants    

This office is responsible for monitoring financial activity to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and awarding agency guidelines.

Issuance of New Accounts/Budget Setup

This office is responsible for issuing numbers upon the receipt of the Notice of Award from the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (OSP).  This notice includes the guidelines under which the award will be administered and the award budget.

Project Director Assistance

Project regulations are variable and complicated.  This office is available to provide project directors with assistance in understanding policies, procedures, and related guidelines.

Financial Monitoring and Reporting

  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations
  • Process transfer of funds/budget adjustments (require prior approval from OSP)
  • Process billing to award agencies
  • Preparation of various fiscal reports to awarding agencies
  • Approve petty cash reimbursements and requisitions for materials and supplies

Principal Investigator's Operational Manual

OMB Circular A-110

OMB Circular A-21
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Room 200
El Paso, Texas 79968
Phone: (915) 747-5197
Fax: (915) 747-7883
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