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The Inventory Department at UTEP is responsible for the record-keeping of all inventory on campus and for filing various reports with the State as required.  It is, therefore, essential that these records be kept updated and correct at all times.  Because we are not able to keep constant track of all inventory, assistance from all departments is necessary in keeping the department informed of any information regarding inventory, and should be reported on a timely and accurate basis as often as necessary.

Tagging and labeling of all inventory is a primary responsibility of this department in order to keep records in an organized and efficient manner. If at any time inventory is received without UTEP tags, the department should call the inventory office immediately. If there is merchandise not meeting the required criteria for tagging, but the department would like the item tagged for better tracking, call this office. Tagging will be completed on a timely basis so that data may be entered into the system immediately. If you have any question as to whether an item should be tagged or not, please call us for clarification.

For your convenience, the Inventory Manual includes details regarding all inventory issues and related forms.

The future for UTEP Inventory looks bright as we attempt:

  • Barcoding of all inventory
  • On-line property transfers
  • View capability in inventory module for all departments

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