University of Texas at El Paso
Instructions & Helpful Hints for Applicants    

Where do I apply?

For your convenience, we offer two options:

 1.       On the Web         

Online Application for Employment


2.       In Person

The University of Texas at El Paso

Human Resource Services

500 W. University Ave., Administration Bldg Room 216

El Paso, Texas 79968

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday

Please Note:  If you would like to use the computers in our office to apply for a job, make sure to come by 4:00 p.m. so that you have enough time to complete your application.


We recommend:  Bring a CD/Floppy Disk with your resume so you do not have to type it in again.

How do I apply?

You can apply using the online application, called Resume-based application. You can submit your online resume electronically for EACH job vacancy based on a self-assessment and certification of your qualifications. You are responsible for providing any additional materials requested. Hiring officials will review the pool of applicants and will contact the competitive or best-qualified applicants for interviews.


It is important to know that once you submit your application you may not be able to make changes in some of your information, and failure to complete any part of the Application in full may be considered falsification. Falsification may void the application and actions based on it.


The University of Texas El Paso is a security sensitive environment and by submitting your Application you are giving UT El Paso permission to contact educational institutions, employers and (or) law enforcement agencies to verify your education, experience or adult criminal conviction record.


Reasonable Accommodation for Applicants with Disabilities

Applicants who need accommodation in completing the application process should contact the Human Resource Services Office at 915-747-5202 or TDD 915-747-7649.


To be considered for a specific job vacancy, an applicant:

·         Must meet all of the required qualifications for the vacancy, and

·         Be able to perform all of the essential functions, and

·         Be willing and able to work under the conditions described.


Are these jobs eligible for benefits?

·         A position is eligible for benefits if it is twenty hours or more per week and is 135 days or more in duration.

·         A position is not eligible for benefits if it is less than twenty hours per week or is less than 135 days in duration.


How do I keep my application active?

Your application status is active each time you submit your application for a job. You need to submit your online application electronically for EACH job vacancy based on a self-assessment and certification of your qualifications. You are responsible for providing any additional materials requested.


Am I eligible for employment?

If you are a citizen or national of the US or a lawful Permanent Resident you are eligible for employment. Anyone who has Authorization to Work in the USA may be eligible.


What happens with the references I provide?

When you apply for a specific job, you authorize the University to contact any of your schools, current and former employers, or other references for the purpose of verifying information and/or obtaining an account of your education, work experience and skills.


Please note that the point at which your prospective hiring official will contact your employer may vary; however, this is most commonly done on a pre-employment basis usually after the initial interview. This practice is rarely performed on a pre-interview basis. If you have concerns about having your current employer contacted, please communicate those concerns to the person who conducts your initial interview to determine what, if any, alternatives exist.


How do I get a list of jobs I have applied for?

You can see a list of jobs you have applied for by clicking on the "Job Matches" link in your Application.


How do I view or print a copy of my application?

You can view or print a copy of your application by using the "View/Print" link in your Application.