University of Texas at El Paso
NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Position Descriptions    


Every staff position at the University should be documented with a position description.  Position descriptions should 1) identify the essential functions performed by individuals in the position, 2) outline the major duties of the position, 3) specify reporting relationships, and 4) describe the qualifications and skills required for the position.


The position description is important for decisions on recruiting, pay for performance management, and legal compliance.


Positions cannot be evaluated and assigned a salary grade without a position description.  Merit pay increases cannot be awarded to incumbents until the position has been documented by the Director/Manager, evaluated, and assigned a salary grade by the Human Resource Services (HRS) Department.


Before any recruiting activity or job posting of an existing position, Directors/Managers must ensure that the position description is complete and accurate.  Position descriptions may be summarized for the purpose of posting or advertising.  If an existing position changes or if a new position is created, the amended or new position description must be submitted to the Human Resource Services Department.  The position description will be reviewed and assigned a grade level before the job is posted or recruiting begins.  Any position, newly created or reevaluated, requires the approval of the appropriate Vice President and HRS.