University of Texas at El Paso
NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Salary Ranges    


It is the University's policy to maintain a salary range system that is competitive for all job families and hierarchical levels within the University.  The salary ranges cover all Classified and Administrative/Professional employees.  Salary ranges will be reviewed and approved by HRS on an annual basis.  If the University determines that special job family considerations are necessary, such modifications will be made at the sole discretion of the University. 



During the job evaluation process, jobs are assigned to specific salary grades based on an evaluation of the complexity, required skill set, job market, and internal equity factors.  A salary grade is defined as an organizational classification into which jobs of the same or similar value are grouped for compensation purposes.  The job evaluation process is performed by the Human Resource Services Department and is required for every position at the University, but not of every individual since several individuals can hold the same position.


A salary range is the range of pay rates from minimum to maximum, established for a salary grade or class that typically reflects the competitive labor market value.  The development of salary ranges involves the comparison of the University's internal evaluation and ranking of the positions coupled with external salary data.  This salary data is gathered and updated through industry specific surveys of companies and Universities with similar pay programs and practices.  UTEP's salary ranges will be evaluated annually using salary survey data from a variety of comparable sources.


One of the key components of a salary administration program is a salary structure.  A salary structure is simply a hierarchy of job grades and salary ranges established within an organization.  The salary structure at UTEP will be expressed in terms of job grades.