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NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Job Evaluation    

A job evaluation is the process whereby the relative worth of positions within the organization is established.  The job description is the basis for a job evaluation.  The result consists of assigning jobs to salary grades.  The job evaluation methodology used to establish relative worth is a market pricing and slotting approach that focuses on the following components:


External Value: HRS reviews and analyzes published competitive salary survey information, which has been gathered and prepared by internationally recognized consulting firms.  The analysis takes into consideration strength of job match, company size, industry, geography, and ownership.


Internal Value: HRS reviews and analyzes the job documentation to determine the position scope, complexity, and potential impact to the University as well as specific factors such as skill, effort, responsibility and working conditions required to successfully perform the job.

When establishing the worth of a position, issues of internal equity are considered.  Internal equity is defined as fairness in the relationship of a job’s salary range when compared with the salary ranges of similar jobs within the organization. The salary range for a job is considered internally equitable if the salary is commensurate with responsibility level of the position.  The salary range represents fair wage rates for the job compared to similar positions at the University.


Directors/Managers should not use an incumbent's base salary as a guide to slot a new position into a grade.  HRS must determine the grade assignment through the evaluation process.



A job is eligible for re-evaluation when its primary duties have either increased or decreased in scope, complexity, and the position changes substantially or by more than 40%.  In order to initiate the job reclassification process, the Director/Manager must complete a Reclassification/Audit Request Form and obtain the appropriate signatures (contact HR for this form).  Position descriptions should be prepared by the Director/Manager to whom the position reports, or by the incumbent at the Director/Manager’s request.  The Human Resource Services Department provides assistance and support for this process.  New position descriptions may be drafted by the job incumbent using the appropriate Job Analysis Questionnaire (contact HR for this questionnaire).  The Director/Manager of each Department is responsible for the accuracy of the document and the proper approvals.


The Human Resource Services Department will assign the appropriate job title and salary grade and forward the written determination to the Director/Manager who initiated the request.  The manager should discuss the determination with the affected employee(s).