University of Texas at El Paso
NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Offers of Employment    


The Director/Manager with prior approval from HRS may offer a starting rate 1-10% above the base pay for the position.  The Director/Manager with prior approval from HRS and the respective Vice-President may offer a starting rate 11-20% above the base pay for the position.  Starting rates of pay in excess of 20% above the base salary for a position will be reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resource Services, the respective Vice-President, the Vice President of Finance, and the Office of the President.


The Human Resource Services Department will examine all pay decisions to insure compliance with all Federal and State laws, and University policy. 


All employees must be paid the minimum salary for their respective position.



In establishing hiring rates, consideration will be given to:

·          Where the proposed salary falls in the range.

·          Its relationship to the salaries of other similarly qualified and/or experienced employees in the job or department (internal equity).

·          The prospective employee’s experience and individual qualifications.

·          Total compensation associated with the position.

·          Any external market factors influencing the rate of pay.

·          The University's immediate hiring needs.

·          Competitive recruiting conditions.

A copy of the following materials should be given to the Compensation Manager to assist in determining the new hire compensation.

·          The prospective employee’s resume.

·          Current salary and detailed information on current bonuses, benefits, and perks that the candidate is currently receiving at their current place of employment.

·          Written justification for the proposed salary

·          Any other form of documentation that will aid in the decision making process.


Once the salary offer recommendation has been determined, a Salary Review Form (please contact HR for a copy of this form) will be sent to the hiring manager.  The hiring Director/Manager may extend the job offer to the new employee and then initiate a hiring appointment by completing the necessary electronic document. 


Before any salary commitment is made to a prospective employee, the position to be filled must be properly authorized, described, and classified.  No offer of employment may be extended unless it has been reviewed and approved by HRS.