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Position Reclassifications    

Positions may, from time to time, be reclassified to a higher or lower salary grade as a result in change of position responsibilities.  These changes may have occurred recently or over a period of time.  As the position, NOT THE INCUMBENT, is being reevaluated, the grade change is generally considered neither a promotion nor demotion.



A downgrade occurs when a position is reevaluated to a lower salary grade.  Generally, no salary change occurs.  If the incumbent's salary is now above the maximum of the new grade, the incumbent’s salary is red-circled until the maximum increases enough to allow a pay increase.


However, if the re-evaluation to a lower salary grade occurred because the position had to be redesigned because the incumbent was unable to perform the duties before the redesign, it may be appropriate to decrease the employee's salary to no more than the maximum of the new grade.



An upgrade occurs when a position is re-evaluated to a higher salary grade.  Generally, no salary increase is granted at the time of re-evaluation, except if required to bring to the minimum of the range.  However, the incumbent will, of course, have a broader salary range through which to progress.


If the upgrade resulted from a sudden increase in duties, it is appropriate to grant an increase that follows the same parameters set forth under PROMOTIONS.


The Director/Manager requesting a Reclassification/Audit for an existing position must receive approval from the corresponding Vice President using the Reclassification/Audit form (available at HRS).  Upon receiving the Reclassification/Audit form with the proper approvals, the Human Resource Services Department will forward a Job Analysis for completion by the requesting Department.  New positions only require that a Job Analysis be completed and approved by HRS before advertising or hiring for the position.  HRS will notify the corresponding Department via a memorandum after reviewing the Job Analysis as to whether or not the position in question requires Reclassification.  In order to reclassify a vacant position the Department requesting the change must adhere to the steps outlined above.


The Compensation Manager must approve all reclassifications/position audits.  Employees who are on a performance related action plan are not eligible for a reclassification.