University of Texas at El Paso
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Interim/Temporary Assignments    

Occasionally it may be necessary to temporarily assign an employee to a job other than his or her regular job. The following statements describe the compensation policies for temporary assignments, including acting positions.

 If an employee is temporarily assigned to an existing job in a higher salary grade than his/her regular job, and provided the employee performs the principal duties and assumes the principal responsibilities of the higher-paid job for periods longer than eight weeks or the employee's job duties have been substantially expanded resulting in a substantial increase in the effort required, the employee will be consid­ered to have received a temporary promotion.

The employee's base salary should be increased in accordance with the policy for promotions for the relevant period.  If the temporary assignment is to a lower-paid job, the employee's base salary will not be adjusted. 

Compensation for temporary assignments will be initiated by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the Compensation Manager.