University of Texas at El Paso
NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Special Appointments    

CASUAL LABOR (Job Code 0069)

This job title is to be used for jobs that are to be performed for a short and specific period.  It is to be used for persons who do not require an appointment and are paid on a time sheet.  This is a non-benefit status position.


Other Professional Services & Consultant (Job Codes 0484 & 0485)

The form “Authorization for Professional Services” must be used to request approval for engaging consultants for professional services.  The form has a series of questions that will assist the University in determining whether to treat the individual as an independent contractor or as an employee.  Additionally, this form should be used for requesting approval for supplemental payments to University employees who may be providing contract or consulting services for another department.  This will replace the need for issuance of an Appointment Action form for such requests.  The form is available at Office Supplies and the Office of General Accounting, extension 5197.