University of Texas at El Paso
NEW: Online Job Descriptions    

HRS is pleased to announce that job descriptions are now available online.

Graduate TAs, RAs, & Assistant Instructors    


All salaries for Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Assistant Instructors, and Graduate Research Associates shall fall within ranges adopted by the University.  These ranges will be reviewed at least every two years.  The minimum rate for Research Assistants shall equal or exceed the minimum for Teaching Assistants; similarly, the minimum rate for Graduate Research Associates shall equal or exceed the minimum for Assistant Instructors.  The maximum for Research Assistants shall exceed the University maximum for Teaching Assistants by no more than 25%; similarly, the maximum for Graduate Research Associates shall exceed the University maximum for Assistant Instructors by no more than 25%.  These limits will be imposed regardless of the funds available within a contract or grant to pay students in these positions.



Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors

Each department, in consultation with the Dean, will adopt a uniform rate for paying Graduate Teaching Assistants within the department.  The requirement that rates be uniform within the college may also be adopted.  Rates for Undergraduate Teaching Assistants shall be set at 15% below the rates for Graduate Teaching Assistants in recognition of their lesser academic preparation.


Rates for Assistant Instructors may vary within the department based upon academic progress.  A base rate may be set for incoming candidates, a second rate for students who have successfully completed their qualifying examinations, and a third for those who have passed their comprehensive examinations.


By March of each year, the Deans shall submit the rates for Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors to the Provost's Office.  That office will disseminate this information to Human Resource Services, the Budget Office, and Sponsored Projects.


Research Assistants and Research Associates

Rates for Research Assistants and Graduate Research Associates may vary within departments within the constraints on maximum rates noted above.  The allowable minimum and maximum for Undergraduate Research Assistant rates shall be 15% below the Graduate Research Assistant rates.  All rates shall be set in consultation with the Dean of the college.