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DEMOTIONS (Revised March 2008/Effective May 1, 2008)    

       I.          DEFINITION - A demotion occurs when a classified employee (“employee”) is reassigned to a position with a salary range that is lower than the salary range of the former position.  A demotion may occur when:

·        An individual is assigned to a position that requires performing accountabilities of significantly decreased complexity or responsibility; or

·        Employee is unable to perform satisfactorily in the higher-level position; or

·        The employee’s request for a demotion is approved; or

·        As a result of a reorganization, if the reorganization results in a reduction-in-force, please refer to the University’s Reduction in Force Policy (HOP; Section V, Chapter 10 ); or

·        As a result of disciplinary action.

A.     Eligibility- Any employee may be eligible for a demotion.

B.     Salary Adjustments for Demotions

1.      If the demotion occurred because the employee was unable to perform satisfactorily in the higher–level position, the result of disciplinary action, or at the employee’s request, the employee’s salary should be decreased to no more than the maximum of the new salary range.

2.      If the demotion occurred as a result of a reorganization and not because of the employee’s performance and the employee’s salary is above the maximum of the new salary range, then the employee’s salary exceeds the maximum salary range of the new position, then the employee’s salary should be “red circled” until the maximum of the salary range is increased and exceeds the employee’s salary.

C.     Process for Demotions

1.      All demotions must be discussed with Human Resource Services (HR).

2.      If demotion is at the employee’s request, a formal request from the employee will be required.

3.      Demotions as a result of disciplinary action must be in accordance with the HOOP, Discipline and Dismissal of Staff Employees (University’s Discipline and Dismissal Policy of Classified Staff (HOOP, Section V, Chapter 6).

4.      When considering a demotion, the department must ensure that there is a valid budget line and/or position.

5.      All demotions must be approved by respective Director/Vice President and HR.

6.      The employee will experience a new 180 day Probationary Period.  The probationary period is established to ensure that the employee selected for the new position is qualified and can meet the minimum performance standards for that position (University's Employee Classification-Probationary Service Required and Probationary Policy for Transfer, HOOP, Section V, Chapter 1.3.1 and 1.3.2).