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Welcome to the Campus Announcements Web Site    

The Campus Announcement request process has been automated and is now available on-line via the web portal. The new automated process conveniently allows you to go on-line and submit your request. No more paperwork, faxes or wasted time! The UTEP Campus Announcements help advertise, promote or inform our UTEP community on Administrative, Training and General Campus Announcements. Simply click on one of the categories above to view posted announcements.

If you would like to submit a request, visit, login and you will see a module called "Campus Announcements", click on Submit an Announcement to make your request.

Click here to view the Campus Announcements Training Presentation.

Campus Announcement Request Policy    

1. Only faculty, staff and official University Student Organizations can submit a request for a Campus Announcement.

2. You must have a UTEP e-mail account to login to the My.UTEP web portal and submit your request.

3. DEADLINE for Submission: The Friday weekly roll-up e-mail will be distributed Friday afternoon at 3:00pm. To ensure Campus Wide announcements are included in the weekly e-mail, all Campus Wide Announcement requests must be submitted by Thursday at 5:00pm. If your request is not submitted by Thursday, 5:00pm, your announcement will not be included in Friday’s e-mail, but will get posted to the announcement website.

4. Announcements should only contain content relating to official University business. All requests will go through an approval process by the respective Vice President and can be rejected. Special Announcements will only be approved for University Administrative Announcements by the Vice Presidents.

How to Submit a Campus Announcement Minimize    

1. Only faculty, staff and official University Student Organizations can submit a request for a Campus Announcement.
2. You must login to web portal and click on the My.Home workplace. You will see a module called
3. To submit a new request click on “Submit an Announcement".
4. Verify your name and e-mail address are correct.
a. Contact the Help Desk at or at ext. 4357, for more information in case your name or e-mail address
is incorrect.
b. Enter or modify your phone number (i.e. 747-5000).
c. Enter or modify your Department (i.e. Information Technology) or for UTEP Student Organizations, enter or modify your
Association (i.e. The Chess Club)
5. Select a "Target Audience"
a. This is the group to whom you wish to address in your campus announcement.
6. Select a “Category”
a. This will organize the announcement accordingly in the Campus Announcements Website.
7. Select a "Bulletin Type"
a. The Campus-Weekly type will be sent out at the end of the week.
b. The Special type will be sent out as soon as approved.
8. Select an “Expiration Date”
a. Campus Wide and Special Bulletins will expire either 7 or 14 days from the date approved by the Vice President. The
announcement will automatically post and remove from the bulletin website.
9. Enter a subject for your campus announcement in the “Bulletin Subject” field.
a. Remember to make your subject interesting for your readers. This subject field will be populated by Category in Friday’s
weekly roll-over e-mail as well as the Campus Announcements Website.
10. Choose a previously created "Announcement"
a. This list will display all the announcements you have created. Therefore, you can choose one and either use it as a
template and modify it accordingly or to resend an announcement.
b. Or you can omit this and simply create a new announcement.
11. Click on the “Pencil” to create your bulletin. (see How do I Create the Campus Announcement below, for more information)
a. You can select a previously submitted campus announcements from the drop down list, make modifications and resubmit
for approval and posting.
b. Campus announcements are retained for 30 days
12. Select "Preview Your Bulletin"
a. This lets you preview the campus announcement in your browser.
13. Select "Send Preview E-mail"
a. This lets you preview the campus announcement in your e-mail.
b. This will send a preview of your campus announcement to the "Submitter's E-mail" address.
14. Select the respective Vice President who will approve your campus announcement request.
15. “Submit” your request.
16. Your request will automatically route to the VP selected in step #14 for approval via a notification e-mail. Once approved, it will

automatically post to the Campus Announcements Website. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the Vice
President approves your campus announcement.
17. All posted messages for that week will be compiled into an e-mail with the Subject for each posted message and will go out to

the entire campus Friday afternoon. You must meet the Thursday, 5:00pm submission deadline in order for your request to be
included in that weeks e-mail.
18. If the Vice President denies your campus announcement request, you will receive an notification e-mail with the reason stating

why your request was not approved.

How to Create the Bulletin Announcement Minimize    

1. Click on the pencil (Design Mode) to open a rich text editor tool to create your campus announcement .
a. You will also have the option to choose a previously submitted campus announcement , make modifications and resubmit
for approval. Click on the drop down arrow for a list of recently submitted campus announcements.
b. Campus announcements are retained for 30 days
2. You can type in the text for your campus announcement.
a. You have the option to adjust your font size, align left, center or right, select color for your fonts, list bulleted information,
and much more.
b. You can cut and paste text from another document in your files.
c. You can also Spell Check your message.
3. If you plan on using images in your message, you must upload your image first.
a. Image files should be about 100KB in size.
b. Click on Image Manager icon Image Manager Icon to Insert your Image file.
c. Once you have found the image file, select it and click on the Open button or double-click on the file.
d. Click on the Upload button.
e. You will now see your image in the Image Manager. You can select it and then click on the Insert button to insert the image
into your message.
f. If you want to use a flyer, save it as an image on your computer and then upload the image file.
4. If you would like to work in HTML code, simply click on the HTML Mode button.

How to Recall a Campus Announcement Minimize    

1. The Submitter of the campus announcement must click on the link in the approval e-mail, which is sent when the Vice President
approves a campus announcement.
a. Then click on the "Recall" button.
2. You and the Vice President of this campus announcement will receive a confirmation e-mail.
a. The Vice President must click on the link in his or her confirmation e-mail.
b. Then click on the "Approve Recall" button.
3. Please note the following:
a. For Special Campus Announcements: an e-mail notification containing the bulletin is sent out as soon as the campus
announcement is approved. If recalled, the bulletin will be removed from the Campus Announcements Website ONLY.
b. For Campus-Weekly Campus Announcements: an E-mail notification is sent out with the list of campus announcement at the
end of the week. If recalled before the e-mail notification is sent out, the campus announcement will be removed from the
e-mail notification list and the Campus Announcements Website.

If I am including an image in the bulletin, what size and width should it be? Minimize    

The specifications must be followed when including an image:
1. The Width of the image must be 680 pixels or less.
2. Total file size must be 100 kilobytes or less.

How to be ADA compliant when inserting images as part of your bulletin? Minimize    

Please follow the instructions below when inserting images into your campus announcement to make it ADA compliant.
1. Click on the Image Manager.
2. Click on the Upload button.
3. Click on the Select button and browse your computer for flyer image.
4. Click on the Open button.
5. Click on the Insert button.
6. Right-click on the flyer image in the Rich Text Editor and click on Properties.
7. For ADA compliance:
a. Give the flyer image a short description in the "Alt Text" field.
b. Provide a slightly longer description in the "Long Description" field.
* If you need to enter more than 2 or 3 sentences in the "Alt Text" field, place this information
into the "Long Description" field instead and continue to the next step.
8. Click on Document Manager icon DocumentManager Icon.
9. Click on the Upload button.
10. Click on the Select button and browse your computer for your document file.
11. Click on the Open button.
12. Click on the Upload button.
13. Select your file and by clicking on your document from the list on the left.
14. Click on the Insert button.

NOTE: Provide a a meaningful description of the event for the document. For example, “Student Union East Hours Alternate Text Description.doc” would be acceptable. Keep in mind that users with disabilities also view or use your document so it should be easy for them realize the purpose of the document.