Mission Statement

The mission of the Information Security Office (ISO) is to protect information acquired and found throughout the university by conducting risk assessments on all sensitive information, promoting security related training and awareness programs, monitoring university systems, and auditing and compliance in support of the university’s missions and goals.

The University of Texas at El Paso Security Program CY2018 (PDF)

Information Security Office


Information Security provides various services, which are oriented towards the security of data that can come to be compromised through problems such as operating system weaknesses, lack of encryption on portable devices, or through a virus infected computer, among other things. The services offered are ...Read more


UTEP sanctioned policies that help protect sensitive information and promoting data security. ...Read more

Security Awareness

Security Awareness means that you realize there is a potential for people to deliberately or accidentally steal, damage, misuse, or abuse the protected data that is stored on our computer systems and throughout our organization....Read more

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