Hiring decisions are among the most important decisions made at UTEP. Each open position represents an opportunity to increase and diversity the capabilities, resources and potential of our campus. Each new hire represents a fresh additon to the UTEP team--someone ready to make his/her contribution to the mission and goals of the university, someone ready to be a part of UTEP's present and future.

As the Office of Equal Opportunity, our goal is to help find the best person for the job, while furthering the University's commitment to the recruitment, support, and retention of highly qualified diverse faculty and staff. We also want to ensure that every faculty and staff member on Search Committees complies with the laws, regulations, and guidelines that govern equal opportunity employment. Our Search Committee Handbook provides guidelines and resources for a successful search process.

To access the online applicant tracking system, please visit http://www.hirezon.com

In keeping with its Access and Excellence mission, the University of Texas at El Paso is committed to an open, diverse, and inclusive learning and working environment that honors the talents, respects the differences, and nurtures the growth and development of all.

The University of Texas at El Paso does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, genetic information, veteran's status, sexual orientation or gender identity in employment or in the provision of services.

Recruitment guide and forms:

Faculty Search Handbook

Faculty Requisition Form

Faculty Recruitment Form