Institutional Memberships

The University recognizes the importance of memberships in national, state, local and community organizations. Membership dues paid to organizations shall be made in accordance with the following policies and procedures.

All institutional memberships must be in the name of The University of Texas at El Paso, and the mailings, correspondence, and billing must be sent to an institutional address.

All expenditures for membership dues using state appropriated funds will require a Lobbyists Search by the Accounts Payable Department.State of Texas Purchase Policies and Procedures Guide does not allow the use of "appropriated money to pay, on behalf of the agency or an officer or employee of the agency, membership dues to an organization that pays part or all of the salary of a person who is required by Chapter 305, Government Code, to register as a lobbyist."

Memberships Procedure

  1. State Funds
    Departmental administrative staff will create a vendor payment for payment of the membership. The invoice and membership backup need to be accompanied with a copy of the vendor payment. The Accounts Payable Department will run a lobbyist search and if the membership does not have any lobbyist concerns, the payment process will continue. If the membership has lobbyist concerns, the creator of the voucher will be contacted to change the –cost center or project ID.
  2. Other Fund Sources
    If dues are being paid with cost center or project ID other than a state appropriated funds cost center, please process the vendor payment with normal routing.
  3. Institutional Membership Account
    Departments are to complete the top half of UTEP's Institutional Membership Form and have it signed by the appropriate authority. The Office of the VPBA will create the vendor payment and route it for payment.

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Current Institutional Memberships

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  • The University of Texas at El Paso.
  • 500 West University Avenue,
  • El Paso, Texas 79968
  • (915) 747-5000