Vendor Parking

Who is a Vendor?

Vendors are individuals that are not directly affiliated with the University but conduct business or use a vehicle to deliver goods on campus. Faculty, staff, and enrolled students are not eligible for vendor permits.

All parking areas can be viewed on this campus map

Vendor Parking Options

Marked Commercial Delivery/Service Vehicles

Are not required to purchase a vendor permit, however these vehicles are required to prominently display the company’s name or logo. These vehicles, depending on size, are required to use designated loading/unloading zone areas or yellow zones. There is a thirty (30) minute time limit for these areas.

Vendors who do not frequently visit campus

Will find the metered parking and pay visitor lots the most convenient and cost-effective.

For less than one (1) hour: Metered parking spaces are available throughout campus and are intended for short-term visitors. Meters are located on University Avenue in front of the Administration Building, in parking UN4 next to the Union East, and in parking lot SB2 on Sun Bowl Drive. Check the specific area for posted times of enforcement as well as parking rates.For one (1) or more hours: Pay visitor parking lots are located in the Sun Bowl Parking Garage or in front of the Academic Services building at the corner of Schuster Avenue and Hawthorne Street. Check the specific area for posted times of enforcement as well as parking rates.

Vendors who frequently visit campus

Aside from the parking options mentioned above, vendors that have a University contract to provide goods or services may purchase a vendor permit at an annual cost of $150.

Vendor permits allow parking in any IC orange area, blue perimeter lots, and any green remote lot. Permits are valid until August 24 and must be displayed on the driver’s side dashboard of your vehicle.

To obtain a vendor permit, please fill out the “Vendor Permit Application Form” and bring it into our office.

Vendor Permit Application Form

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