ADA Parking

Two required items you need to use UTEP ADA parking spots

State placard and ADA plates

1. Possession of state placard
or ADA plates

UTEP Parking Permits

2. UTEP ADA Parking Permit

General ADA parking information

Disabled Parking Areas are enforced every day, 24 hours a day. A Class H, UTEP ADA parking permit allows the holder to park in any ADA space in the color zone designated by the permit except for those spaces specifically marked as reserved. Annual permit fees will be assessed based on the zone requested. UTEP parking permits are not required on weekends and holidays unless indicated by signage. However, an ADA license plate or ADA identification placard and a UTEP ADA parking permit are required at all times to park in any UTEP ADA parking space.

Designated ADA spaces may only be used by individuals who have met the requirements of State law and whose vehicles display the proper State issued identification device along with a UTEP ADA parking permit. All individuals with disabilities requesting to park in UTEP ADA parking spaces are asked to register their vehicles on campus to avoid delays at the entrance gates and to assist the University in assessment of the need for disabled parking spaces.

Obtaining a UTEP ADA parking permit

UTEP ADA parking permits are issued to faculty, staff, and students who have a verified disability. Before the vehicles can be registered or parked on University property, all individuals with disabilities requesting a UTEP ADA parking permit, including disabled veterans, must provide the Parking and Transportation Office a copy of their state disability placard or state disability license plate confirming they are authorized to use disabled parking privileges. The disabled person to whom the State-issued parking privileges have been issued must be present in any car entering the campus which displays the disabled identification devices. Individuals with authorized ADA parking privileges may park in any spaces where parking is appropriate but may not park in a restricted or prohibited area such as yellow zone/fire lane, tow-away, or marked reserved space.

Visitors-ADA parking

Visitors and Applicants with State-issued disability placards or license plates may park in any ADA parking space upon obtaining a temporary parking permit at any entry control station/ kiosk between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Accessible Buses

In order to assist individuals with disabilities, wheel chair accessible buses are available on each Miner Metro Shuttle Bus Route during the normal operating times. Please see the Miner Metro section for exact service schedule of the accessible buses on the following routes:

  • Route # 1 East (Blue)
  • Route #2 Campus Loop (Green)
  • Route # 3 West (Orange)
  • Route #4 (Campbell Building)

Paratransit services

The University does not currently provide paratransit services within the campus. However, the City of El Paso’s public transit provider, Sun Metro, does provide point to point paratransit service from outside the campus onto the UTEP campus. The Sun Metro LIFT customer service line is (915) 212-0100.

Project Amistad provides door-to-door paratransit services through its New Freedom transportation program for residents of El Paso County. Advance registration is required. For information, please visit their website at, or call (915) 298-7307.

For additional information concerning the Miner Metro Shuttles ADA services, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at (915) 747-5800 (915)747-5724.

Garage Parking

Parking is available for individuals with accessibility needs in all garages. Visitors with accessibility needs displaying the appropriately approved state plate or placard may park in any space reserved for the persons with disabilities in the University’s parking garages upon obtaining a temporary UTEP ADA parking permit at any entry control station/ kiosk between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Student Health Center

You may also acquire a temporary on-campus parking permit for up to 6 (six) weeks per semester by providing proof of medical notice and duration from a physician to the Student Health Center located in Union Building East, Suite 100. There is a $5.00 charge for reviewing the documentation and determining the duration of time for the temporary permit.

Event Arrangements-ADA parking

Conference coordinators or departmental staff must submit an Event Parking Request Form to the Parking Transportation Services Office if they want to provide event guest(s) with disability parking and transportation accommodations between 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Accessible Exempt Parking

Disabled Veterans, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Former Prisoners of War, Pearl Harbor Survivors, and Purple Heart Recipients whose vehicles display the special license plates issued by the State of Texas or applicable state of issuance, are exempt from payment of the fees paid at short-term metered parking upon proper registration with the Parking and Transportation Services Office for any University parking permit for which they are otherwise eligible, in accordance with State law. This privilege applies to the veteran only and not to anyone else driving the vehicle.

Accessible Parking

Accessible parking located in surface parking areas, require both a UTEP ADA parking permit, as well as a State Disabled placard and/or license plate. Accessible parking located in parking garages, requires the appropriate garage permit or payment of short term parking fees.

The ADA hangtag or disabled license plate must be issued in the name of the eligible person utilizing the vehicle parked in an ADA space. ADA placards, driver’s license identification card and similar information must be provided upon request of University Parking or Police personnel to demonstrate proof of eligibility for ADA parking privileges.

For student ADA questions please contact the Center for Accommodations and Support Services (CASS) at (915) 747-5148 voice/TTY, or through email at

UTEP Faculty and Staff with ADA related questions may contact the University’s Equal Opportunity Office at (915) 747-5662.

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