General Information

Where are you located and how do I get there?

We are located at 401 W. Schuster in the Academic Services Building (ASB), Room 122. The building is located on the corner of Schuster and Hawthorne. Please park in a numbered visitor space and pay the kiosk near the front of the building.

Process map information for:

  • Permit purchase
  • Addressing citations
  • Boot removal process
  • Permit purchase for Housing resident or individuals with ADA accessibility needs

Please open this file to view these process maps (PDF).

Do I need to bring identification?

Yes. All transactions require some form of picture ID, for example:

  • UTEP ID Card
  • Driver’s License or State ID Card
  • Passport/Visa

When is parking enforced?

Parking rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A parking permit is required during the hours of 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

I have a state-issued disability permit/license plate. Can I use it to park on campus? If not, how can I get a permit to park in the disabled parking spaces at UTEP?

Visitors with state-issued ADA plates or permits may stop at any kiosk for parking directions. Faculty/staff and students that wish to park in designated UTEP ADA parking spaces are required to display a valid UTEP ADA permit. You may obtain a UTEP ADA permit by visiting our office with a picture ID and your State issued placard or license plate registration. Your UTEP issued ADA permit is valid in any ADA parking space on campus except for the Sun Bowl Parking garage. If these spaces are full, your permit is also valid at any metered space and in any faculty/staff parking space. You CANNOT use the permit to park in Reserved Numbered Spaces, Fire Lanes, or Loading/Unloading Zones. Neither ADA plates/placards nor the UTEP ADA permit are valid in the visitor spaces for which a pay station is utilized.

I am a student who recently suffered an injury or have a temporary medical condition that prevents me from walking long distances. How can I park closer to campus?

You will need to visit the Student Health Center. They will evaluate your condition and, if they determine it necessary, you will be given a memo instructing Parking and Transportation Services to issue you a temporary Student Health Center parking permit. Bring the memo to our office and we will issue the permit and instruct you on where the permit is valid.


If I receive citations but didn’t register my vehicle, how did the citations get charged to my account?

If the vehicle is registered through the State of Texas, we are able to obtain the owner information using the license plate number. Per Section VIII, Part C. of the Parking and Traffic Regulations, “If an individual has the same family name and/or home address as the registered owner, the unpaid charges will also be recorded in the individual’s name.”

I got a ticket because my permit fell off my mirror or I forgot to display it on that day, but I was parked legally. What can be done about it?

Stop by our office with the citation and your picture ID. If it is your first offense for this type of violation, we may reduce the citation to a warning. If you receive future citations for the same violation, they will not be dismissed; however you do have the option of either paying or appealing the citations.

I got a ticket for parking in the loading/unloading zone, but there wasn’t a sign designating this space. Nobody told me what the space was. How was I supposed to know?

While some spaces may be marked with a sign and paint along the curb, this may not always be the case. Some spaces are marked only with paint, due to the inaccessibility of placing a sign. In short, a space with yellow lines or curbs is strictly for loading/unloading purposes and requires the appropriate pass or permit.


Can I get a parking permit if I have unpaid tickets?

All outstanding citation balances must be paid, prior to purchasing a permit. Student Business Services will be happy to arrange a payment plan to assist in paying off citations.

I have an address in Mexico. Will my permit be mailed to that address?

Permits will not be mailed outside of the continental United States. If you have a foreign address, the permit will be held in our office for pick up. In addition, our office may hold permits whose mail-to address is out-of-state.

I have more than one vehicle. How do I obtain a second permit and how much does it cost?

Hangtags are transferable between multiple vehicles. Only one vehicle can be on University property at any given time. You may register as many vehicles as you like to your account, at no additional charge. If your second vehicle is a motorcycle you must purchase a secondary permit for a nominal fee.

What if I forgot my permit?

You may request a temporary one-day permit from our office.

What if my car is in for repairs and I bring another one to campus?

You may use your UTEP hang tag and notify our office that you are using a temporary vehicle. If you forget to take your hang tag out of the vehicle, our office can issue you a “vehicle repair pass” valid for up to one week. To extend the temporary permit an additional week, you will need to provide documentation that the vehicle is still being repaired. A maximum of two one-week vehicle repair passes may be issued per account per semester.

What do I do if my permit/RFID tag is lost or stolen?

Report lost/stolen permits/RFID tags immediately by filing a report with our office. The permit will then be deactivated and a replacement fee will be assessed. Do not use a reported lost/stolen permit/RFID tag as you may be fined, booted, or subject to disciplinary action by the Dean of Students. Please contact our office and make arrangements to return the permit.

What do I do if I find a permit/RFID tag that is not mine?

Do not display it on your vehicle, please turn in the permit(s) to our office immediately. Use of a permit/RFID tag that has been reported lost/stolen is strictly prohibited. Your vehicle may be booted and you will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary measures.

I wasn’t able to get the parking permit I wanted. A friend of mine no longer needs theirs and offered to give/sell it to me. Can I keep it and use it?

No. The only person who may use a permit is the individual to whom the permit was issued. All permits are non-transferable between customers/accounts. If you are caught using a permit other than your own, you will be cited.

What if I need to park close to drop off items or unload my vehicle?

Loading/Unloading zones are designated throughout campus. You may obtain a pass at either of the entrances on University Avenue or in our office. The pass will be valid for a maximum of 30 minutes and may be used only in the loading/unloading (yellow zones). You must activate your emergency flashers while using a loading zone.

I am not registering for classes next semester or I am an employee who will be ending my affiliation with the University. What do I do with my parking permit?

Students may return their parking permits to our office for a pro-rated refund. The refund amount is determined by the monthly usage of the permit as well as the amount that has been paid towards the permit purchase.

Employees may return their permits to Human Resources upon clearance. Human Resources will instruct Financial Services to terminate payroll deduction, if that was the method of payment. If payment of the permit was made at the Bursar’s, a pro-rated refund will be issued.

Miner Village residents may return their permits to the Miner Village Office. A pro-rated refund will be issued based upon the monthly usage of the permit as well as the amount that has been paid towards the permit.

What if the zoned lot I park in normally, is full?

Although every effort is made to control the oversell rates for zoned lots, you may on occasion find that your lot is full. If you find that your lot is full you can save yourself time by driving straight to a remote lot and riding the Miner Metro to campus.

Multi-year permits for faculty and staff

How long is my multi-year permit valid for?

Multi-year permits for faculty and staff are valid for a three (3) year period.

How do I pay for my multi-year permit?

Multi-year permits are paid for through payroll deductions. Payroll deductions begin with the October 1st paycheck annually. Payments are deducted monthly for a nine (9) month period for both faculty and staff.

Do I get a discount for purchasing a multi-year permit?

No, permits are subject to the annual increases, which would be reflected on the payroll deduction that begins on October 1st of each year during the 3 year multi-permit period.

What is the benefit of the multi-year permit?

Permits only need to be renewed once every 3 years. Permit holders get to keep the area they selected for 3 years without having to worrying about space availability and remembering to order.

What happens if I purchase my permit after the October payroll deduction start date?

If you purchase your permit after the first deduction period, your deductions are adjusted accordingly, based on a quarterly proration rate. New permits processed after April 15th will be subject to a one time deduction for the months of May – August. All multi-year permits are subject to any rate increases annually that may commence with the October 1st pay period.

How do I cancel my permit?

You can cancel our multi-year permit at any time. However the payroll deduction can only be stopped for a mid-month pay date or for the last day of the month. In order to cancel your permit, you must complete the cancellation form and return your permit and access card (if applicable) in person to the Parking and Transportation Services Office located in the Academic Services Building, Room 122.

When is the renewal period?

Renewal periods occur every May for 30 days. This provides an opportunity to downgrade your permit. Permits can be upgraded at anytime if there is space available in the desired lot. Downgrades that fall under special circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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