Vendor & Taxpayer Account Clearance

Prior to entering into a contract for goods or services, the University is required to contact the State Comptroller's Office to verify whether the Comptroller is prohibited from issuing a warrant to the vendor. The Office of the VPBA or the Purchasing Department can assist in performing this service or this information can be obtained through an electronic search at the following website:

If the Comptroller is currently prohibited from issuing a warrant to the person or organization, the University may not enter into an agreement with the individual or organization unless the person or organization agrees to a contract under which any payments owing to the person or organization will be applied to the debt or delinquent taxes that the person or organization owes the State until the debt or delinquent taxes are paid in full.

The Office of the VPBA will notify the initiating department in the event a vendor is prohibited from contracting with the University. The vendor will need to contact the State Comptroller's office for assistance in resolving the warrant.

In extenuating circumstances a contract may be approved with a prohibited vendor. In these cases contracts must include the following statement:


Pursuant to Sections 2107.008 and 2252.903, Texas Government Code, Contractor agrees that any payments owing to Contractor under this Agreement may be applied directly toward any debt or delinquency that Contractor owes the State of Texas or any agency of the State of Texas, regardless of when it arises, until such debt or delinquency is paid in full."

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