Student Field Trip Insurance

The University acknowledges the importance of being prepared for accidents that may occur while attending functions within the United States. Below you may review the different options and what may apply to you. Purchases of insurance for qualified students and events should be coordinated by a member of the department sponsoring the trip.

NOTICE: the Special Event Field Trip Insurance is only an injury/accident policy.

Procedure for Requesting Student Field Trip Insurance / Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Student Field Trip Insurance cost $5.00 per student per day. This insurance policy provides a $100,000 limit for injury/accident and a $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit.

  1. Complete the New electronic Student Field Trip Insurance Request Form (the request will not be accepted if handwritten). Please provide our office with 3 days lead time to process your Student Field Trip Request Form.
  2. If paid by UTEP cost center/project, our office will process an interdepartmental transfer for the total premium upon receipt of fully approved form.
  3. If paid by personal check or money order, deliver payment with a copy of the request form to the VPBA Office. The completed form should include the Document Tracking Number (DTN). All personal checks and money orders should be payable to The University of Texas at El Paso. Please ensure to follow up with your advisor to email approval for your request and to reference the DTN.
  4. Upon receipt of your request and payment, our office will approve and submit your request to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas for coverage.

    Because payment of premiums is due and payable upon your request for insurance, please ensure that you have submitted the correct and final roster of students attending the trip.

Cancellation, Changes and Refunds

Should a field trip be cancelled for any reason or there is a change in participants, please contact the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs at 747-5113 immediately.

This office cannot guarantee a refund from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas in the event of a change in participants and/or cancellation of a trip.

Release and Indemnification Forms

A Release and Indemnification Form must be completed and signed by all students participating in a field trip prior to departure. The forms should be retained by the student organization or department sponsoring the trip.

Student Field Trip Insurance Coverage

Students of the University are eligible to purchase insurance if they are: 1) a registered fee-paying student, 2) currently enrolled, or 3) will be enrolled with the University 31 days after returning from the trip. This insurance covers activities such as special events and field trips that are held within the United States territories.

For more information regarding Student Field Trip Insurance and Release and Indemnification Forms, please contact Vanessa Ramos at (915) 747-5113.

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