About Carpool Parking

Who is eligible for carpool parking?

UTEP's designated "carpool parking" spaces may be used by a "carpool", which is defined as two or more people.  In order to participate in a carpool, permit holders must be enrolled as students or be University employees.

How to get a carpool permit

  1. Each member of a carpool must be listed and registered on a Carpool Application form (Click here to download Carpool Application form).
  2. Please return the completed Carpool Application form to the Parking and Transportation Services department in the Academic Services Building Room 122 between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Only one form is necessary for each group and all participants must be present with valid picture ID at the time of submittal.
  3. Students may add the cost of their carpool permit to their University account and make full payment through Student Business Services office. Faculty/Staff may purchase their carpool permits through payroll deduction, when the primary permit holder is eligible for payroll deduction.
  4.  One carpool permit will be issued to the primary permit holder and the other members will be registered under the carpool permit as secondary permit holders.

Carpool Policies

  1. A maximum of four people will be allowed to register under the same carpool permit to include the primary permit holder.  A maximum of four vehicles may be registered under a carpool permit to include the primary permit holder's vehicle.
  2. Carpool permits are nontransferable. Changes in carpool membership should be reported to the Department of Parking and Transportation Services in the Mike Loya Academic Service Building room 122. 
  3. Carpool spaces are reserved from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.
  4. Carpool members should hang their carpool permit from their vehicle's rear view mirror when using a carpool parking space.
  5. Carpool permits are not valid in ADA spaces, reserved spaces or any visitor space.
  6. Once registered in the carpool program, members may not purchase or hold any other University permits.
  7. Any abuse of carpool permits, or the carpool guidelines will result in cancellation of carpool privileges.
  8. The primary carpool member is responsible for the carpool permit, all vehicles associated to the permit, and all citations issued to any vehicle belonging to the carpool.  All vehicles listed in the carpool form will be added to the primary permit holder's account.
  9. Inner Campus carpool permits will grant gate access only to the primary permit holder with a valid Miner Gold Card.
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