University of Texas at El Paso
The University of Texas at El Paso Police Department

The University Police Department is dedicated to meeting goals and objectives of the University through application of effective law enforcement, efficient campus security, and courteous service. The Police Department is charged with ensuring that faculty, staff and students enjoy a safe place in which to teach, work and study. The department is committed to enforcement of local and state laws as well as seeing that institutional rules and regulations are adhered to for the peace and safety of all.

Additional responsibilities include the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal offenses committed within the jurisdiction of the University of Texas, and the apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders where provided for by law. The Department responds to accidents and medical emergencies. It also enforces University parking regulations as well as directing and controlling the movement of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the boundaries of the campus. Authority for law enforcement emanates from the state certification held by all UTEP Police Officers. These Officers are commissioned Peace Officers by, in, and for the State of Texas. UTEP Police Officers are assisted in the performance of their duties by cadre of non-commissioned uniformedĀ Guards.