Planned System Outage

As part of Enterprise Computing efforts to keep University computing systems state of the art, an extended outage is required that will affect many of the campus applications and web sites. The list of the applications that will be available are listed below. Every effort will be made to have everything back up by Monday, June 4th at noon.

On Thursday, May 31st at 6:00 pm – Monday, June 4th at 12:00 pm the majority of the systems will be down. Below is a list of the applications and the availability status during the outage:

During Outage


Access Applications
During Outage


During Outage

CS Gold Single Sign On TPrep Blackboard
Goldmine Impersonation Career Center Mine Tracker
Help Desk Utility Faculty Credentialing Course Evaluations
Loans IT Database Digital Measures
Miner Gold Card Inquiry System Student Notice of Awards Web Mail Bioinformatics Live Mail
Goldmine EdLeadership Qualtrics
Online Account Management System (OAMS) IRS 1098T's
Parking Appeals STEM All UTEP, College, and Department sites (DNN and non-DNN)
Parking Citations BEEMS
Parking Permits Bio-Field Notebook
Password Reset Cryo Freeze Club Risk Management
Print Sales Directory New Account Activation
Red Flag Follet Compliance
Student Notice of Awards Heritage Commission Campus Events
Testing Center Memorandom of Appointment Memorandum of Appointment
Banner ISIS2 AR Lookup Application Status Tool
Xtender Parking Event Management
External Single Sign On
Marching Order
Search Directories on the site
Miner Mall Admin
Miner Mall Single Sign On
Application Status Tool
Preferred E-Mail Address
Emergency Notification Registration Form
Parking Event Management
Mine Tracker