What is UTEP doing about Viruses?

Bitdefender Endpoint Security is The University of Texas at El Paso's official Antivirus solution for Windows/Mac/Linux desktop and server environments.

Bitdefender provides a wide range of benefits to both University Users and Administrators that include, but are not limited to:

University Users

  • Antiphishing: Robust, built-in antiphishing module protects against phishing and fraud.
  • Ransomeware Vaccines: Protects systems, similar to flu vaccines, against known viruses and zero-day ransomware attacks.
  • Sandboxing: Everything (e.g., all documents, web browsing, program execution, etc.) is scanned on-th-fly (also know as on-access scanning) on the person's system through advanced built-in sandboxing technology.
  • Web Traffic Scan: All web, Internet, traffic is scanned on-the-fly to keep users browsing on the Internet safe.
  • Local and Central Scan: Scanning is performed locally on the user’s system or remotely from the administrative console as needed, also known as on-demand scanning.
  • Less Pop-Ups: Minimizes pop-up notifications on the user’s computer thus requiring less user interaction, if any.
  • Seamless Updates: Bitdefender receives updates regardless of the user’s location as long as the user has an active Internet connection.
  • Local Quarantine: Allows users to take actions on their local quarantine.
  • Lightweight: Antivirus client does not slow the system down by using too many resources.
  • Deferred Scanning: Has a “smart” feature that automatically delays a scan to allow users to complete resource-intensive tasks (e.g., number crunching, simulations, compiling programs, etc.) without adversely affecting their task(s). The deferred scan resumes once the system critical task has completed.


  • Centralized and Local Management of User Systems: Simplifies and efficiently manages user systems, both remotely from Bitdefender Administrative Console and locally as needed.
  • Centralized Quarantine: Gathers all quarantined files from user systems to a unique location for in-depth analysis and/or further investigation.
  • Centralized Reporting: Provides a wide-range of reporting capabilities pertaining to user system protection status.
  • Active Directory Integration: Bitdefender infrastructure is integrated with UTEP’s Active Directory thus providing larger network visibility and centralized management.
  • Off-Campus Management: Devices can be managed from the Central Administrative Console regardless of whether the users are on-campus or off-campus.
  • PCI Compliance: Bitdefender is fully compliant to with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • For more information about Bitdefender, please visit the following link: Bitdefender